Monday, March 12, 2012


I logged into my MySpace account last week - only to find blog post after blog post. Seems like five years ago I was much more comfortable displaying every feeling that came to me.
That...along with many other aspects...have changed.

As much as I would love to sit here for the next three hours, writing in detail the last six months of my life...I'm going to keep this to a bullet point list.

  • I got a puppy! I'm pretty sure he's half Great Dane half Asian...I'm waiting for my results from the DNA lab
  • I turned 27
  • That same week I was then laid off from Recycling Systems (great birthday present...)
  • Went back to Arizona in Oct. 2011...first time since moving to Chicago
  • Back to Chicago
  • Lost a friend. RIP.
  • Went to Indiana for Thanksgiving.
  • In Arizona for Christmas/New Years.
  • My close girlfriend, JR, gives birth to Jace Dylan Robertson on Dec. 31! I'm an aunt! :)
  • Back to Chicago!
  • Asked to be Maid of Honor for Gililland/Smell wedding
  • Hired on as Marketing/Sales Consultant with Pret a Poser photography! Would NEVER have had this opportunity if I hadn't let go from RSI...
  • Back to Arizona I go! Bachelorette Partytime!
  • Renee Harshey's baby shower! Would have NEVER missed this!
  • Annnnd...back to Chicago...we're now in January :)
  • Back to AZ! February 19th! Wedding time!
  • Back to Chicago!
  • Renee and Colin Harshey welcome baby Sawyer Chandler Harshey on March 4th! I'm an aunt!! ;)
I made the decision this past New Years Eve...that 2012 was going to be amazing. Since high school, I've found myself to be so worried about my "age" and where I'm supposed to be at that particular time.
From where I want to be in my career, to being single and seeing everyone else's life continue to take I just sit there...watching THEIR movie.
I'm done.
2012 is about making sure I smile! I plan on laughing A LOT this year, and being three months in...2012 isn't disappointing!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It was our 11th annual Cain Family Reunion last week...and in my opinion...this was the best one yet. Sorry to Nicholas, Adam & Hannah, and Mark & Sarah for not being there, but NEXT summer you'll have to try and figure out a way to fit us in your schedules ;)
Amazing to see how our family has grown in the past decade, the people that have been married/born into our 'functional' growing family...and the relationships that have formed due to these annual family vacations.
I look forward to the future and the ability to watch the young ones grow, the pregnant bellies form and more engagement parties to plan (although we're running low on participants in this category)
Enjoy the pictures...and see you all again next summer!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Homeless in Chicago

It’s been a moment or two – ok maybe a tad bit more than that, since my last post. I find it hard to write (publicly that is) when things aren’t going, hmmmmm…my way, as Usher would say.

Although, lemons can only turn into lemonade with the correct recipe – and I’ve found it.

Through our church we (Danielle and I) were given the opportunity to prepare and distribute meals to the homeless in our area. This is something that I have always longed to do, whether it be on Christmas day at a soup kitchen, or handing out sandwiches on the street to the less fortunate – that being said, Danielle and I jumped at the opportunity.

The following week, we met at church to prepare these delectable meals.

On the menu: turkey and cheese sandwiches, until the cheese ran out – then it was just turkey. After the turkey ran out, it was on to peanut butter and jelly. The coordinator joked, “Every time we do this I have such a craving for peanut butter and jelly by the time I get home.”

After making around 400 delish sandwiches, we walked home with the snow falling at our heals – so happy we decided to skip our Wednesday evening shows (have you, they were dvr’ed for us when we arrived home) and join in on this event.

The next night we had to attend an orientation prior to the distribution of the meals. At this orientation we learned that they average age of a homeless person here in Chicago is nine. NINE years old! The idea that children were living on the streets shocked me. But as they further explained, due to lack of parental support – sometimes being out on the streets was safer than being home; with drug induced parents – dealers – or whomever was ‘home’ at the time.

So take a second to think about that. It is 'safer' to be on the streets, most having to perform sexual favors in order to receive a meal...than to be home - as any nine year old should be.

Orientation ended and we were off to fill some bellies. Now have you, this was February…it was windy and there was a chance of snow. Ended up WE were lucky…no snow for us – it was ONLY 20 degrees outside. Then again, why should I be the one complaining…I went home to a warm bed (even a heated blanket that is truly amazing…thx Lacey)…wonder where these people slept the night of the blizzard that was only a few weeks prior.

To say I wasn’t nervous at the beginning would be a lie. I had no idea what to expect. What I found, was unbelievable. To make a comparison would be to say it was like a block party. With people yelling and shouting towards each other, laughing and joking. The St. Augustine's crew was welcomed and appreciated…and looking back I can understand why. We were THROWING food at them (no not literally), along with toiletries to get them by the coming week. Most of these people were walking away with trash bags full of goodies…

They had a smile on their face and just wanted to chat – with someone who would not only listen, but converse back. They were kind and gracious…and in complete amazement to me – full of energy.

It really makes you think where you came from and how you were raised…but also, what you’re going to do in this world to leave your own stamp.

A couple days later I was walking to the train and saw two homeless men walking towards me. In the past I would have put my head down and walked right by…but this time – I looked them both straight in the eye with a smile and said: “Hi.” They both looked right back at me, in the amazement I had looked at ‘them’ a few night before, and said ‘hello’, right back.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard of 2011!

Less than a month here and we get to experience the 3rd largest blizzard in Chicago history! More than 20 inches of snow accumulated outside our's some pictures...although I have to say - these images don't do this blizzard justice.

Either way, enjoy :)

Right outside our front door...

Our street was covered in so much snow that driving would have been impossible - loved (and was a bit jealous) of the cross country skiers making their way down George St.

Shoveling our front stoop...and of course playing...

Being that ALL schools and MOST business' closed down on Wednesday - we were able to meet a lot of our neighbors.
Oh...and this was Bella... - completely covered!

I'd have to say - as an Arizona native, one would think the blizzard would have been hard to deal with. But quite the was amazingly fantastic!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Interview Antics & Quarters...

Oh the process of interviewing. This past week I had my first interview with a brokerage firm downtown. The concept of working in the middle of the city is so exhilarating to me…walking out of my prospective work environment and being surrounded by GIGANTIC skyscrapers – I couldn’t ask for more…well that’s not true – I could.

to be employed…with a company I love…

…making a salary that is just beyond me…

..more coffee in my cupboard…

….nails that STAY painted..

..a breast reduction…..

…..the ability to speak different languages fluently…

..being able to play the guitar like...hmmm...idk - someone great...

..and let’s just throw this in there: a tall, educated, funny caramel macchiato that’s just all about ME!

Ok, so I digress. Back to the interview…

Getting the phone call is always exciting, a phone number that you don’t know but with an area code that’s promising. Set up a date/time and then its on to: what to wear, how to act, jewelry or no jewelry, how can I stand out?, practice interview questions…ect.

The interview went quite well…it was awkward a couple of times when I caught 2 of the 4 men whom were interviewing me, stare NOT AT MY EYES, but I’m sure you can use your imagination. Then again…that’s my life.

Fingers crossed…although this was only my first interview in the big city – this company would be a great opportunity.

Yesterday I took the half mile walk to the bank, preparing for February rent. On my way home I stopped in a little convenient mart around the corner to get quarters…laundry time was in my cards for later in the day.

So I asked the lady behind the counter (ended up being the owner of this little mart) if they were able to do cash back. I only had $2.00 cash on me…and frankly I needed more quarters than that.

After a few minutes of conversation, finding out that they don't do cash back – the lady said to me:

“No cash back, but I’ll just give you $5.00 worth of quarters and next time you’re walking by just drop off the $5.00 for me.”

I didn’t even know how to react to this. People trusting strangers???

I gave her the $2.00 cash I had on me and promised I would be back with $3.00. On my way home it made to start to think…the thought of trust. Yes – it was only $3.00 which is not going to make or break the business, but 1. that's not the point and 2. the small act of kindness hit home.

You don’t find things like this anymore – its hard for me to even trust the people that are around me everyday, but the concept of trusting someone you've never met? Beyond me.

Monday, January 24, 2011

My new home...

Three weeks I've been residing on George and I still have to upload the images of my new home in Chicago! So while the construction team jackhammer their way into the street right outside my house, I'll take a break from the application process...and start this blog...

Here you have it...the new house on George!

George Street. After looking at SO MANY different places before making our decision, I'd have to say we made the best choice! Five blocks away from the grocery store - and then only 2 blocks away from Sheffield...a street that is the home to some great neighborhood pubs and restaurants.

A few snapshots inside...

Yes, that is Wendy Williams you see on the TV...don't front! She's amazing...
The main question I've gotten from everyone this past month is: "Are you so cold? It's 80 degrees in Arizona...think you made the right choice?"

Well, first off - if I didn't make the right choice (which in no way do I believe is true) it's too late now!
In regards to the cold, I expected WAY worse before moving out here. The thought of -1 degree weather sounds horrifying...although our first day in the negative degrees, Danielle and I ventured out to a local breakfast diner...and we survived. :)
Maybe it's the positive attitude that I have being here in Chicago - maybe it's the strong change that I was desperately seeking before leaving Arizona...either way - no, the cold is not bothering all.